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Linking Laconically Is Anticipating Commitments

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We're going to do Linking Laconically every weekday morning this week.  If you like it please let us know, and we can keep it going indefinitely.  If you have a link that you think is awesome, either send it to or post it in the comments.  Thanks, and here are the links:

 Desimon Green among Michigan State football recruits on hand for basketball game |  It was a big recruitment weekend for football at Michigan State.  A full list of recruits on campus can be found here, and I'd expect a couple of commitments this week.

'Kind of a dagger' - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Rexrode's notes from Saturday's game, including a comment about Izzo using more full court pressure on the road.

Northwestern vs. Michigan State recap: Finish Them? Butnahhhh. - Sippin' On Purple Speaking of Saturday's game, here's Sippin' On Purple's recap.  They're less than pleased with the outcome.

2 Spartans, 1 Wolverine picked for Senior Bowl - Greg Jones and Chris L. Rucker are going to the Senior Bowl.

Jets’ unusually brainy Smith often leaves opponents smarting - The Boston Globe

So he spent five years as a Spartan, sitting out the first with a knee injury, and ended up here, where he has become the go-to guy on all questions academic. Nobody else in the locker room can spell "punctilious’’ and use it in a sentence, as Smith did this year.

A great article about Jets safety Eric Smith, who suffered far too long on mediocre Spartan teams last decade.  I'll see if I can find an article on Kellen Davis for later this week.