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Linking Laconically Is Marginally Unimpressive

Big game tonight - MSU's stalwart defense against an Illinois team that can shoot the lights out in Champaign.  Let's get to the links.

Big Ten Roundup: January 17th, 2011 —  MSU has the second best defensive points per possession in the Big 10...and the second worst offensive points per possession.  This equals a fifth best efficiency margin.

Come to Play > Big Ten Geeks > Blog  The Geeks echo Dylan's efficiency findings and, like many of us have, wonder how many close games Michigan State can win in a season.

Spartans hope to get Durrell Summers back on track | | The Detroit News  In retrospect, I should've seen the reason for Summers being benched:

"Durrell was feeling like he was not doing anything right," Izzo said at his weekly news conference Monday. "I don't know if it was him not wanting to go in, but he wasn't very enthused. So if he's not enthused, he's going to sit. If he's not enthused the next game, he's going to sit."

Hopefully he gets himself in the right mindset tonight - MSU will need him if the game turns into a track meet.

The State News : Izzo on Expectations  There's some Izzo gems in this link, here's my favorite:

"I created the ‘play anybody anyplace anytime.’ I did it for a reason. I still schedule for a reason. Michigan State doesn’t get the same accolades that other schools just are given. We have to earn ours so we go out and play them. I wouldn’t change that for the world."

It's annoying to lose so many marquis games, but it's more aggravating to play a nonconference schedule of patsies, known affectionately in the Big Ten as "pulling a Northwestern".

Spartans are in line for repeat performance | | The Detroit News  Matt Charbaneau gets quotes from Kirk Cousins, Mark Dantonio, and predicts the 2011 starting lineup.  It looks good but I'd disagree with the starting cornerback opposite of Johnny Adams; I think Mylan Hicks starts instead of Darqueze Dennard. - MSU could be the Wright fit  Four-star defensive tackle Marquise Wright had a great time in East Lansing this weekend, but has no timetable to make a decision.

Was there a story we missed?  Post it in the comments.