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Linking Laconically Is Moving On

The loss still hurts, but not as bad this morning.  Let's get into the links.

Bench Lifts Illini Over Michigan State: A Win That Will Matter In March. - Hail to the Orange  A view of yesterday's loss from an Illini perspective.

Hey Joe! - Post Mortem - Rexrode's take on the game with Izzo quotes, and a bad situation is getting worse:

It's also going to need a nap Wednesday after its chartered plane couldn't be de-iced. The Spartans are just embarking now on a loooooong bus trip home. 

Trying to fall asleep on a charter bus is terrible.  Hopefully they get held out of class tomorrow for a nap.

Feature: It’s Not About How You Start At Michigan State –  A ray of hope, but with a caveat - everything referenced in this article happened during the nonconference season.

Northwestern faster that people think - Big Ten tempo-free statistics - Chicago College Basketball  Northwestern not playing mind numblingly slow anymore, and Ohio State is looking to take the Wildcats' place.  Your Big Ten axis of evil still consists of Bo Ryan, Ed DeChellis, and John Beilein - all of these teams rank below 320th in adjusted tempo.

Top Big Ten moments from 2010 - Big Ten Blog - ESPN  Two MSU moments made the list.  I don't need to tell you the first one, and the second is less of a moment and more of an achievement.

Caesar chase heating up -   The competition for the services of Florida wide receiver Juwan Caesar is heating up; he was offered a scholarship on his visit to East Lansing last weekend.