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Linking Laconically is Welcoming Michigan State Football's 18th Commitment

Football commitments?  Football commitments.  Asking myself a question and answering it with the same sentence?  Asking myself a question and answering it with the same sentence.  Here are the links.

Boom! Spartans nab DT commitment ($)  The link is subscriber only, so I'm only posting it to confirm that defensive tackle Matthew Ramondo out of New Mexico committed to the Spartans last night.  More on the commitment this evening, but it's a nice pickup, and don't let anyone tell you MSU doesn't recruit nationally.

Jake Fisher is still considering Michigan, coach says | | The Detroit News  Four-star offensive lineman and Michigan decommitment Jake Fisher is getting a visit from Brady Hoke this week.  He has not listed any leaders.

NIT? SMH - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe  It's the third day in a row I've linked to Rexrode, but this needs to be said - Michigan State has yet to enter the easiest part of its schedule, and barring a complete implosion will make the NCAA tournament.

Yet Another Basketball Blog (YABB): Why is John Calipari yelling at Terrence Jones? Why are all Big Ten Teams living on the Perimeter?  Michigan State's not the only team having bigs taking a plethora of perimeter shots this season.

Home Advantage In Sports: A Scentific Study Of How Much It Affects Winning -  Not technically MSU related, but a good study at what pro teams have the best home field advantage.  The Tigers rank 2nd in baseball, the Lions and Red Wings are in the middle, and the Pistons are towards the bottom of the pack.

Dinosaur Racecars: The Interview - Black Heart Gold Pants  Off-topic but probably one of the, if not the best laugh you'll have all week.  It's safe for work, phenomenal, and another reminder that when it comes to the whole "two or more people having a fictional discussion on the internet" thing there's Black Heart Gold Pants and EDSBS, and then there's a dropoff.