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Linking Laconically Is Evaluating Penn State's NCAA Chances

Tomorrow MSU takes on Purdue;  I'll be expecting the worst and hoping for the best.  College GameDay will be in West Lafayette, and I don't need to tell you it'll make for a more energized fan base for the Boilermakers.  Onward and upward to the links!

Big Ten Geeks > Blog  Ohio State is still "crushing it", and Purdue needed an iffy call late to eke out a 63-62 win over Penn State in West Lafayette Wednesday.  While we're on the topic of the Nittany Lions...

Big Ten title contender: Penn State? - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN Probably not - four losses at this point in the schedule is most likely too many to overcome.  They're the most improved team in the Big Ten this year though, and if they can go 8-3 the rest of the season (not too much of a reach now that the worst part of their schedule is past) an NCAA bid is very likely.

SLAM ONLINE | " High School Hierarchy: 26-30  You know Patrick Hayes from many of the articles he's written about MSU recruits on this site, he's now going through the top 30 high schools to produce NBA talent.  In a massive upset, my suburban Grand Rapids alma mater (GO RAMS!) did not make the list.

San Diego State cracks top five of College Hoops Power Rankings - Luke Winn -  Scroll down to team #16 for confirmation on something you've long suspected - Kalin Lucas takes too many long two-pointers.

Bo Ryan explains why tempo-free is where it’s at | Beyond the Arc  He knows that making 33% of your three point shots is just as good as converting 50% of your twos - assuming free throws are constant.  And in the Kohl Center, they are.

The Big Ten's draft-bound underclassmen - Big Ten Blog - ESPN  The biggest loser - Illinois.  The second biggest loser - Wisconsin, mainly for J.J. Watt and not John Clay.

Michigan State impresses recent visitors | | Detroit Free Press  - A few more notes on recruits who were in East Lansing last weekend.