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Korie Lucious Kicked Off Michigan State Basketball Team For the Season

I was just getting ready to go to bed when I figure I'd check Twitter one last time.  Lo and behold these bombs come across the screen:

 Bob Wojnowski 
Izzo dismissed Lucious for the remainder of the season. Conduct detrimental to the program. Spartans are being challenged mightily.


 Lisa Byington 

Lucious: "I didn’t live up to the standards of the program. Unfortunately, I let my teammates, my coaches, and myself down.."


That's a kick in the groin right there.  Let me reiterate - THIS, AS OF NOW, IS ONLY FOR THIS SEASON.  Who knows what conduct detrimental to the program might mean, and I doubt we'll ever know.  As for now, it's Kalin Lucas at the point and Keith Appling will have to shift to the back-up point guard role.

Linking Laconically's postponed until Wednesday evening in light of this news.  Remember all those seasons where all the drama was on the court?  Apparently the off the court hysterics were being held back until this year.  Good grief. 

P.S.  Please keep the comments free of any speculation of what Korie might have done to get the dismissal.  Thanks - PR