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Linking Laconically - And Now a Sad Moon Is on the Rise

The men's basketball team wasn't alone in their loss last night as both the women's basketball team and hockey lost as well.  What else is there to say except yesterday sucked, now it's done, and it could be worse - you could have rooted for Michigan the last three years.  Now onto the links!

Linking Laconically Doesn't Know What to Expect Tonight - The Only Colors I know a few of you had an issue or two with Eamonn Brennan's article I linked to yesterday, he was nice enough to stop by and add a few addendums.

Just a couple more things to keep you confused - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Now Korie's mother doesn't know what he's going to do.  I still say the odds of him leaving are 90%.

Pilgrimage: East Lansing already has gone green - ESPN - Let's see if a nice article on the Breslin Center can lift some spirits.  If not, at least it'll hold your interest for a few minutes.

How All-Big Ten team ranked as recruits - Big Ten Blog - ESPN  Some high ranked players, but I was surprised to find out Mikel Leshoure, Gabe Carimi, and John Moffitt were all unranked.

BYU at No. 6 in Power Rankings after another Jimmer masterpiece - Luke Winn - - Pop Quiz: Can you id the shooters from the pictures in BYU's spot?  Answers are after the jump

Answers to the quiz: A - Klay Thompson, Washington State; B - Marcus Denmon, Missouri; C - Charles Jenkins, Hofstra; D - Jimmer Fredette, BYU; E - Lacedarius Dunn, Baylor; F - Jon Diebler, Ohio State.