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Your Michigan State Midnight Madness Open Thread

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MIDNIGHT MADNESS Y'ALL.  Practice kicks off for the men's and women's basketball squads today, and there's several ways you can follow along.

  • IN PERSON!  Chances are however that if you're reading this and not in line currently, you might be denied entry because as of 8:25ish the line is already long.  If you're in, congratulations!  Use this thread to talk amongst yourselves.
  • ON TWITTER! Intrpdtrvlr and T-Con are both there in the flesh right now, and if you ask real nice they may have a few tweets.  Dan Dakich is tweeting as well.
  • ON THE RADIO!  Several Spartan Sports Radio affiliates will be carrying it along with the Spartan Sports Radio website
  • ON TV!  Portions of Midnight Madness will be broadcast on ESPNU.
  • ON THE INTERNET!  If you want to plunk down $10 or you are a subscriber to Spartan All-Access, it will be streamed live at this link.