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Michigan State 37, Iowa 21 -- Your After Party Thread

That didn't quite feel like a Dance of Joy performance, did it?  MSU roared out in the first half, taking advantages of Iowa miscues to the tune of a 31-7 halftime score.   You know what happened next however,, that sure seemed like the closest 16-point win in program history.  Anyway, as the song goes, done, done, onto the next one.

The good parts -- Le'Veon Bell was a beast, and I cannot understand why he didn't have more touches throughout the game.  When Narduzzi finally figured out that he should have Johnny Adams on Marvin McNutt at all times instead of The Dennard/Lippett combo the problem was solved -- hopefully Johnny gets all-Big Ten consideration.  Kirk Cousins continued to make a couple mind-boggling decisions, but he was absolutely on fire the first half of the game, and is still an upper-echelon quarterback in the conference.

 MSU has to beat Indiana and go to Northwestern to punch a ticket to the Big Ten title game, and while they're not there yet, it's hard not to feel much more confident about that than in earlier in the day.

This is the After Party thread.  LET'S HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME (drinks a case of Dr. Pepper under an overpass).