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Postgame Thread: MSU 55, Indiana 3, WOO DIVISION CHAMPIONS!



Beating Indiana - not normally worthy of a Dance of Joy. Michigan winning - also not normally good news. But combined, that means that our spot in Indianapolis is secure regardless of what happens next weekend. We will face the winner of the Penn State-Wisconsin game, to be played next week, for a shot at the Rose Bowl.

Nothing really bad to take away from this game; it's always nice to win comfortably against a bad team. By the same token, the only really good news you can get out of it is the lack of bad news. Said lack of bad news:

  • Nearly doubling up Indiana in yardage (466-236, and depending on how loosely you define "garbage time" about half of Indiana's yards came in garbage time)
  • Kirk Cousins getting a wonderful Senior Day send-off with almost 12 yards per attempt and 3 touchdowns in less than three quarters of action
  • B.J. Cunningham pulling in six passes for 132 yards and two TDs in his final game at Spartan Stadium
  • Joel Foreman (!) getting a carry
  • Keshwan Martin with a rushing TD, a receiving TD, and several good punt returns
  • No turnovers given up, two picks made (including a Johnny Adams pick-six)

We've got the division title. Now let's go send the seniors out with three more wins, including one in Pasadena.