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Week 13 BlogPoll Ballot

Hello again. A word before we begin. A few voters don't have Alabama ranked #2, because they don't believe "a team that didn't win its division should play for the national title". I call BS on this -- I've seen Alabama play, and they're the clear second best team in the nation.

What's worse is that even if you believe that Alabama shouldn't be #2, some of the blogs have Virginia Tech as their second-best team. That's right, the same Virginia Tech whose best wins are against Virginia and Georgia Tech. Not Stanford, who beat Oregon USC (thanks to SpartanBoiler for the catch - P.R.), and not Oklahoma State, who has beat a host of teams better than Virginia Tech's best wins. My point is this -- do what you want with your poll, but if you think Virginia Tech deserves a #2 ranking, you deserve to be laughed at.

Sorry about the tangent. Here's my ballot.

Explanations after the jump.

In short:

  • After reevaluating resumes, I think the Cowboys' wins are better than Stanford's, even though OSU has the worse loss. Boise at #5 because the win over Georgia's still worth something.
  • USC and Oregon are the best two-loss teams remaining. MSU's beaten two ten-win teams, something the other teams behind them haven't done.
  • I still think Virginia Tech's resume is brutal. I'll move them up to the Top 10 if they win the ACC title.
  • Who has Arkansas beaten, besides South Carolina? Their best wins besides that are Auburn and Texas A&M. Not a top ten team.
  • Huh, I dropped Michigan a few. It's not that they got worse, it's that I was more impressed with Georgia's and South Carolina's victories this weekend.
  • Clemson's in a tailspin. That said, they only have three losses and decent wins, so into the twenties they go.
  • I have to put someone at 25, and Notre Dame's played the best schedule and has the best win, one I don't want to bring up.