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Michigan State vs. Hillsdale Open Thread -- Watch The Game for Free

Basketball game tonight!  Yeah!  I didn't do any research on Hillsdale, but I do have one important piece of information to pass along -- The BTN has a code where you can watch the game for FREE.  Take it away Dylan --

You can watch the game live at at and use the coupon code ‘BTDN3FR33’ to receive a free month’s subscription.

Careful though -- the subscription could be recurring, and you will need to cancel it.  The game will be shown on BTN at 2:30 PM on Monday if you don't feel like watching online, and the Spartan Sports Network will be streaming audio.  T

The big story in today's game is that Adreian Payne will be starting in place of Derrick Nix as Nix gave Payne his starting spot.  Read about it here.

Use this thread for speculation, excitement, anticipation for a week from today, and etc.  But most of all, enjoy the game.