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Gary Harris to Michigan State!

Not quite the Dance of Joy, because that's saved for actual wins and such, but this is huge huge HUGE!  Harris was ranked the number one shooting guard in the nation in the 2012 class by more than one recruiting service, and oh boy oh boy oh boy.  This means it's twice in two years Izzo was able to reach down into Indiana and pluck out a five-star recruit, and sets up the backcourt to be successful for years to come.  Joe Rexrode had this to say on his blog:, ESPN's Dave Telep, Scout and others are reporting tonight that Gary Harris has picked MSU. Telep vaults MSU's class to No. 3 in the nation and calls the Spartans his "big winners" of signing day.

This makes the 2012 class one of Izzo's best, in my opinion, with the high-flying scorer in Harris, the playmaking wing/point in Denzel Valentine, the athletic and aggressive big man in Matt Costello and the deep-shooting pick-and-pop guy in Kenny Kaminski.

BONUS:  Michigan Prep Stars has a fine video of some Harris highlights.


WOOT.  Celebrate y'all.