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Michigan State Spartans to Face Georgia Bulldogs in Outback Bowl

While many of us may not be over the B1G Championship loss last night, life is surprisingly still proceeding. Just like as many predicted, Michigan State will face Georgia in the Outback Bowl at 1 PM, January 2nd on ABC. In case you're wondering, Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden will be your commentators, so be prepared for Kirk Cousins to be THAT GUY for three and a half hours.

A brief review of Georgia on the year -- they started the season ignominiously, losing to Boise State in Atlanta 35-21 and to South Carolina in Athens 45-42. The Bulldogs then won ten straight, including wins of less than a touchdown at Vanderbilt and Florida, as well as a nine point against Kentucky at home. Their best win is most likely a 45-7 thrashing against Auburn at home. Their second best win is probably against Vanderbilt; the preceding was not a joke.

Any way, voice your thoughts here. It's a dumb system, so the least the NCAA could do is allow alcohol sales at the games. Just sayin'.