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Linking Laconically Is Waiting Until The Shot Clock Hits 10 To Start the Offense

The reason there was no Linking Laconically yesterday was because the Indiana recap came in late. We have plenty of links for you today though.

Tom Izzo: Michigan State still recruiting at guard position | Izzo's words surely make it sound like Korie Lucious won't be back. Unless Izzo recruits someone for one year, there's really no space for a scholarship...yet.

Spartan Fastbreak Update: 1-31-11 Tom Izzo Press Conference A link to video of Izzo's press conference yesterday.

Spartans' Draymond Green stuck in foul trouble | The stats don't lie in this case -- Draymond's picked up 23 out of a possible 25 fouls in the past five games.

Blizzard forecast changes travel plans for Michigan State, Penn State, Michigan and other notes - In case you wondering how the basketball team will handle THUNDERSNOW 2011, they're leaving East Lansing at 3 today. How they'll get back is anyone's guess.

The Audacity of Hoops: Time of Possession & single-team pace A breakdown of the Ohio State-Northwestern game by length of possession. Morale-killing stat - Northwestern averaged 1.6 points per possession when they held onto the ball 30+ seconds. How do fans watch this?

Basketball Prospectus | Unfiltered Slow-ball is tolerated because it can lead to upsets, but John Gasaway brings up a good point:

I also suspect we hear about 100 percent of slow-ball’s successes but none of its failures. In a dress rehearsal for their upcoming Ohio State clash, Northwestern lured already slow Wisconsin into a slow-even-for-the-Badgers 50-possession game in Evanston on January 23. Bo Ryan’s team (very slowly) ran the Wildcats out of the building, winning 78-46.

I also agree with Gasaway's proposal of cutting time off the shot clock - a few teams in the Big Ten don't really run offense in earnest until the shot clock hits 10 anyway, shortening possessions will create a greater sense of urgency. What do you think? Vote in the poll at the end of this post.

How The Big Ten Stacks Up Against The SEC In Sports Revenues - SportsMoney - news on the business of sports - Forbes A couple flaws in this study (no mention of the BTN for example) but still worth a look. MSU's about the equal of Iowa when it comes to football $$$.

the blog The rhetorical question is this:

This year, I have a new question, or maybe it’s more of a thought exercise. Do committee members really need to watch games? More specifically, should they make an effort to attend games in person?

I get Pomeroy's point - that one anomalous performance could skew a committee member's point of view, but it seems heretical that the people tasked with choosing the NCAA tournament field would avoid watching basketball to improve their objectivity.