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Michigan State Signing Day Open Thread

In lieu of a Linking Laconically today, we're having an open thread for signing day.  As of now, we know of one recruit who won't be signing with MSU:

Wright picks Rutgers over MSU, host of others - I know the link goes to a subscribers only page, but I figured you wouldn't want to read on past the given information. Wright was a 4* defensive tackle, but given the depth MSU has in the class at the spot it's not a great loss.

The two big unknowns for the Spartans today are offensive lineman Jake Fisher and defensive lineman Darian Cooper.  Cooper is set to decide between MSU and Iowa, while Fisher is reportedly heading to Oregon, but has MSU in his finalists and will announce formally at 8 AM.  I probably won't be up until 9-9:30 (ALL HAIL THUNDERSNOW 2K11!), so feel free to comment/write a FanPost on Fisher and I'll bump it if I can.

Once again, here are MSU's current verbal commitments, with links to their "Welcome Aboard" posts (if we have them - we were a little preoccupied last February/March):


Players without links (Jones, Miller) don't have commitment posts, for one reason or another.

MSU has cancelled the signing day press conference, that's a sign that at least a few LOIs will be delayed. Use this thread to keep track of the commitments that come in throughout the day, if they come in at all (once again, thundersnow).  For now enjoy the day off (if you have it - sorry those at work) and welcome the newest Spartans.