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Linking Laconically Is Keeping On Keeping On

The State News :: The Odd Couple  FYI:

"Sherm don’t ever let me eat, but Sherm, he’s always in his room so he doesn’t get to see me," Nix said with a smile. "He’s supposed to be on a diet too so we’ll get salads when we’re together, but I know when we ain’t together, he’s getting fried chicken and burgers and stuff too."

If there was a procedure that could put 20 pounds of Nix's weight onto Sherman I would invest in it in a heartbeat.  It's not all negative though, I found this heartwarming:

"I look at him as an older brother, like a role model because he does a lot of good stuff," Nix said of Garrick Sherman. "A lot of people don’t see what he does beyond basketball, but Sherm is a hell of a person. I call him my older brother because I look up to him.

"It ain’t always about basketball and that’s what everybody sees, but we’re going to be friends forever."

Repeat for emphasis: It ain't always about basketball.

Experts: 'Collapsing' Spartans unlikely to make NCAA Tournament | | The Detroit News  Tell us something we don't know.

OK, now they're just taunting Rich Rodriguez for no reason - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports AWK. WARD.

Michigan State's top five impact recruits | | The Detroit News  Agree with four of the five, with Onaje Miller being the exception.  With Edwin Baker, Larry Caper and Le'Veon Bell at running back it'll be tough for Miller to make a mark for his first year or two.  P.S. - Thanks to State News Sports Editor Chris Vannini for pointing out that there is an apostrophe in Le'Veon's name.  

Turf war for recruits is on between U-M and MSU | | The Detroit News  I don't know how MSU will get the top recruits in Michigan now because BRADY HOKE IS A MICHIGAN MAN AND HE LOVES MICHIGAN AND WILL RESTORE THIS PROGRAM BACK TO THE DAYS OF BO.  BO BO BO HOKE HOKE HOKE.