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Korie Lucious is ALSO traveling to Iowa this week

File under "things I should care about I guess but don't really": Korie Lucious is visting Ames, Iowa this weekend:

Former Michigan State Spartan guard Korie Lucious will be in Ames for an official visit this weekend. Lucious, a 5-foot-11, 170-pound point guard, who was originally a 4-star prospect out of Milwaukee Pius XI, has two prime connections to Iowa State’s program. Former Spartan current Cyclone redshirt Chris Allen is one of them. Then there’s another Milwaukee native and Iowa State senior Diante Garrett.

“I keep in contact with him all of the time,” Lucious said. “He told me that I should try to visit Iowa State. Then, they said that they were interested in me and wanted me to come down there to take a visit. I realized that I should come down there this weekend to watch them play Kansas State.”

[HT: Rexrode]

Yet another bizarre episode in a bizarre year.  I think it's safe to say Lucious is officially done as a Spartan.  Background info on the state of the Iowa State program can be found in the last post I wrote about a dismissed MSU player being connected to the Cyclones.  (Maybe we should have a special category for such posts.)  Note that Allen and Lucious would not be eligible to play together.

On the off chance anyone wants to feel bittersweet about this (instead of just plain bitter): We'll always have St. Louis Spokane.