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Linking Laconically Is Out, But Not Down

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Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN

NCAA Basketball Bracketology: Tournament Seeding Continues To Shuffle, Just Not At The Top -

Michigan State is now out of the bracket projections.  A win against Penn State tomorrow won't put them back in, but will keep them in the "first out" category.

Basketball Prospectus | Unfiltered

Despite its historical free fall, MSU is still not last in efficiency margin in the Big Ten.  No team is below -0.11, which shows that the Big Ten has very good depth this season as the worst team in most high major leagues is usually around -0.2.  

UPDATED: CMU WR Coach Terry Samuel takes same position at Michigan State -

File this under the category of "something that some fans will make a huge deal about even though they have no idea how it'll impact the program".

Spartans offensive coordinator Dan Roushar: Subtle changes in replacing Don Treadwell |

Darn it.  I thought Kirk Cousins would've looked real nice in the spread 'n shred.  

Big Ten spring dates update - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

MSU will have the Spring Game on April 30th, the latest date of any Big Ten team.  Let's hope for good weather unlike the last two years.

MU not interested in Lucious - JSOnline

This makes Iowa State the favorite to land Lucious's services.

Big Ten Roundup: February 8th, 2011 —

More efficiency margins, but with commentary about the week that was in the Big Ten.

New poll: Michigan equally split between U-M, MSU fans | | The Detroit News  

Chances are you've seen this link already, but in case you didn't know this state's 1/3 MSU fans, 1/3 UM fans, with about 1/4 undecided.  The remainder root for both teams; these people are degenerates.