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Spartans at the NFL Combine: Results (Sponsored Post)

It was a mixed bag for Spartans at the NFL Combine.  Charlie Gantt greatly helped his cause, while Greg Jones had a tough weekend in Indianapolis.  Mark Dell didn't participate in many of the workouts, and Chris L. Rucker's results are still pending.

Good news first: Gantt was excellent.  His 27 bench press repetitions tied for the best mark among tight ends, and he managed to do it while 8 pounds slimmer than his playing weight at MSU.  (He was 260; now 252.)  While Gantt didn't put up terrific speed numbers, it was more important for him to showcase his strength, as he projects as a player who will be used primarily in short-yardage situations:

For teams who need a solid No. 2 TE in goal line situations, he's a perfect fit. Put him on the backside, have him seal that weak side edge on running plays or he can occasionally slide out and pick up an easy touchdown on a delay or drag route. With his size, he's a natural for this role.

Of course, he can catch passes.  Just ask Brian Kelly.

Greg Jones, unfortunately, didn't do much to separate himself from the pack at the combine.  Indeed, his results in the six combine workouts fell right around the middle of all linebackers who participated.  The narrative on Jones has been that he's a high-character guy who may lack the physical ability to be a success at the next level.  Unfortunately, his performance in Indianapolis probably won't do much to dispel that notion.  Nonetheless, apparently most teams still see him as a middle linebacker at the next level.  He still projects somewhere between the third and fifth round; he's a mid-round bargain.

Mark Dell was at the combine but decided not to participate in the workouts because he's "still rehabbing."  He'll work out for scouts at MSU's Pro Day in East Lansing on March 16.  It's not ideal that he didn't work out in Indianapolis, but if he wasn't in the best shape it's certainly better to pass than to put up sub-par numbers.  Chris L. Rucker worked out today, but his numbers aren't available yet.  Rucker's stock has been rising lately and a solid performance certainly won't hurt his chances.

Watch NFL Scouting Combine Feb 24 - Mar 1.