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The Only Colors's 2011 NCAA Bracket Contest

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Here's the critical information: Link to the contest is here, password is "Fourteen", ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  You have until Thursday before the games start to get picks in, so you don't have to pick play-in games. 

First, I want to call attention to the "Pick 16" contest located in the post below, make sure you enter that one.  Second, we're running a traditional bracket contest to run concurrently.  Here's a list of what you can win:

- A $50 gift certificate to Underground Printing.  BONUS:  Ten entrants who "Like" UGP East Lansing store's Facebook page but don't win anything in the contest will win a t-shirt.  The link to UGP East Lansing's Facebook page is here.

- An MSU-themed mini-hoop from JustinTymeSports.  

- A 1949 Michigan State v. Marquette football program.  Look at this beauty:


Like SpartanDan said, the person who does the best in both contests combined without winning one of the prizes will win a set of MSU trading cards from 1990.  The box is worn, but the cards inside it are all in good condition.

Also like SpartanDan said, the first place winner will get their first choice of prizes, second prize gets second choice, and third gets whatever prize is left.

To enter, click on this link.  The password is "Fourteen".  Here are the rules:

- ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  If you're found to have more than one entry in this group you will be disqualified from prize consideration.

- If you could name your bracket after your TOC user name it'd help us out a lot in handing out the prizes.  Please and thank you.

That's it.  Best of luck to everyone!