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2011 NCAA Tournament Afternoon Games Open Thread

IT'S HERE!  Here are the game this afternoon, with my rooting interests in bold.

12:00 PM, CBS - (5) West Virginia v. (12) CLEMSON - I have a friend who's a graduate student at Clemson, plus in almost all cases you have to root for the upset.

12:30 PM, TruTV - (8) Butler v. (9) OLD DOMINION - These 8/9 games are tricky, but MUST NEED VENGEANCE.

1:30 PM, TBS - (4) Louisville v. (13) MOREHEAD STATE - Lower seed, plus I can't bring myself to root for Rick Pitino.

2:00 PM, TNT - (7) Temple v. (10) PENN STATE - Big Ten solidarity forever.

2:30 PM, CBS - (4) Kentucky v. (13) PRINCETON - See my reasons for rooting against Pitino, but more so here.

3:00 PM, TruTV - (1) Pittsburgh v. (16)  UNC-ASHEVILLE - I'm forming a motif with rooting for all lower seeds, but don't really care.

4:00 PM,  TBS - (5) VANDERBILT v. (12) Richmond - I've got the Commodores in my bracket, plus I can't root for all lower seeds in the afternoon.

4:30 PM, TNT (2) SAN DIEGO STATE v. (15) Nothern Colorado - Because I don't want the 1-AA team MSU beat in football this year to go farther than the Spartans. HATE HATE HATE.

There'll be another thread in the afternoon, and a third for the MSU-UCLA game.  Get ready y'all.