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2011 NCAA Tournament Evening Games Open Thread

How about that Butler buzzer beater?  That was , but when the announcer said "THE BUTLER DID IT AGAIN!" all the goodwill gained by that play was ruined.  Thanks a lot cliches.

I will most likely be at the new Lou and Harry's Sports Bar in Chandler Crossing about now, and if you need a place with many TVs and a huge bar I cannot recommend this place any harder.  Don't be afraid to say hello, your next beer may even be on me!

Here are the evening's games, along with your rooting interests:

6:50, TBS: (2) FLORIDA v. (15) UC-Santa Barbara -- I feel like rooting for Santa Barbara creates a presupposition that MSU needs this for an easier path.  This creates an assumption that Michigan State will win, and I feel like that creates a jinx.  Thus, root for Florida to create a reverse jinx for the Spartans.

7:15, CBS: (3) BYU v. (14) WOFFORD -- Isaiah Dahlman's younger brother Noah is the star for the Terriers, so root for the Spartan family.

7:20, TruTV: (3) Connecticut v. (14) BUCKNELL -- Garden variety "root for the underdog" interest, but feel free to cheer for the Huskies if you have them making a run.

7:27, TNT: (4) Wisconsin v. (13) BELMONT -- Bracket considerations and hatred of Wisconsin overrule Big Ten solidarity here.

9:20, TBS: (7) UCLA v. (10) MSU -- If you can't figure this out your subscription to "Duh Aficionado" is in the mail.

9:45, CBS: (6) St. John's v. (11) GONZAGA --  There's somewhat of a Big Ten factor at St. John's in Gene Keady, but not nearly enough to make me root for a Big East team over the Bulldogs.

9:50, TruTV: (6) Cincinnati v. (11) MISSOURI -- Bracket reasons mostly, but it's also fun to be behind the Tigers' press.

9:57, TNT: (5) Kansas St. v. (12) UTAH ST. -- The last game of the day and rooting for another low seed.  I hate being unoriginal.

This is the evening game discussion thread, another one will be up shortly before the MSU-UCLA game.