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NCAA Tournament Friday Afternoon Games Open Thread

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, this is life going on, and just because MSU is no longer in the tournament doesn't mean there's no great basketball to be played.  Here are the games for this lovely Friday afternoon, with my rooting interests in bold:

12:15, CBS: (4) Texas v. (13) OAKLAND -- Two reasons -- MIchigan represent!  And sweet, sweet vengeance.

12:40, TruTV: (9) Tennessee v. (8) MICHIGAN -- I don't feel any better about this than you do.  But this game involves a team with a shady coach, and for once this team isn't Michigan.  Big Ten pride I guess.  And if Michigan wins this game, it'll lead to a UM-Duke match-up where you'll be able to feel the self-seriousness from three states away.  Ugh Ugh Ugh.

1:40, TBS: (2) Notre Dame v. (15) AKRON -- This blog will never tell you to root for Notre Dame.

2:10, TNT: (8) GEORGE MASON v. (9) Villanova -- Always root for the school named after someone, and even if there was a Mr. Villanova, I'd just tell you to root for the mid-major program.

2:45, CBS: (5) ARIZONA v. (12) Memphis -- I'm still bitter about the Sweet Sixteen thrashing the Tigers gave MSU three years ago.  YOU MADE DREW NEITZEL CRY.

3:10, TruTV: (1) Duke v. (16) HAMPTON -- Like Notre Dame, this blog will never tell you to root for Duke...well, maybe not until the next round.

4:10, TBS: (7) TEXAS A&M v. (10) Florida St. -- Aggie solidarity.  It exists, and we have it.

4:40, TNT: (1) OHIO ST. v. (16) UT-San Antonio -- If you thought the press jumped all over "the Big Ten is inferior" storyline when Ohio State loses a BCS game, imagine how bad it'll be if they lose this one.

Enjoy the games everyone!