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NCAA Tournament Second Round Friday Evening Open Thread

Without further ado, off to the evening games, rooting interests are in bold:

6:50, TBS: (1) Kansas v. (16) BOSTON -- Go with "More Than A Feeling" over "Dust In The Wind".

7:15, CBS: (2) North Carolina v. (15) LONG ISLAND -- Rule #7 of the NCAA tournament: one must root for a school he didn't know existed prior to the start of said tournament, unless conference allegiance supersedes.

7:20, TNT: (3) PURDUE v. #14 St. Peter's -- see the conference clause to the above rule.

7:27, TruTV: (6) XAVIER v. (11) Marquette -- Root for a mediocre Big East team?  No thank you.

9:20, TBS: (8) UNLV v. (9) ILLINOIS -- Here's another Big Ten team that can't wait for next season.

9:45, CBS: (7) WASHINGTON v. (10) Georgia -- Not that it matters, but a win by the Huskies would make State's victory in November look slightly better.

9:50, TNT: (6) Georgetown v. (11) VCU --  How much better would the Big East be if there was a relegation system, with the bottom for teams going to the A-10 each year?  Three times better?  Five times better?  It's not like they can't stand to lose a few squads.

9:57, TruTV: (3) Syracuse v. (14) INDIANA ST. -- How fantastic would it be if the Big East was down two top four seeds before the second round?  It probably won't happen, but a man can dream.

Enjoy the games everyone, and as a reminder: TROLLS WILL BE EATEN.  Don't think I won't do it (how many double negatives was that in this piece? Too many, probably).