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Saturday NCAA Basketball Tournament Open Thread

As the second round begins, here's an update on the bracket contests.  Steinfi2 leads the entries with 270 points, and KJ is among a group of 10 just ten points behind. Here's the link to the standings if you're interested. Eight games are on the schedule today, and as always my rooting interests are in bold.

12:15, CBS: (5) WEST VIRGINIA v. (4) Kentucky -- I have to root for one of these teams?  BOOOOO.  I guess I can back West Virginia for one game.

2:45, CBS: (7) UCLA v. (2) Florida -- Your prototypical "Make MSU look less bad by having the team that beat them go on a run".  See Mason, George, 2006.

5:15, CBS: (13) MOREHEAD ST. v. (12) Richmond -- It's a shame that someone has to lose this game.  Root for the team with the funnier name.

6:10, TNT: (7) TEMPLE v. (2) San Diego St. -- Steve Fisher? NO THANK YOU.

7:10, TBS: (8) Butler v. (1) PITTSBURGH --  I'm still bitter over Butler, and Pitt going out here would do unspeakable damage to my bracket.

7:45, CBS: (11) Gonzaga v. (3) BYU -- Because I want to see Jimmer torch Florida to the tune of 50 or so in the Sweet Sixteen.

8:40, TNT: (5) KANSAS ST. v. (4) Wisconsin -- I can't bring myself to root for Bo ball under most circumstances.  This would be one of them.

9:40, TBS: (6) CINCINNATI v. (3) Connecticut -- If I can avoid rooting for the Big East I will.

Enjoy the games everyone.