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Iowa at Michigan State Game Thread

It's senior night against an Iowa team that handed MSU one of its worst losses in history. One thing worth noting - after MSU was down 30-8 (not a typo) after about 12 minutes they played Iowa about even the rest of the game. Assuming the Spartans can play like they have been the past four games before Purdue they should leave with a win. However, we've used the word "should" far too much this season and all of a sudden State's down by 20 and HEY A NICE COLD HOPSLAM TO CALM MY NERVES HOW PLEASANT.

This is the game thread. Try to keep the NSFW stuff to a minimum and no illegal game streams. Other than that, enjoy yourselves and Kalin, Durrell, and Mike's last game at the Breslin Center (barring an NIT berth, but let's not even go there).