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NCAA Tournament Third Round Sunday Game Thread

Pitt losing last night officially dooms my bracket, so you can toss out that being a factor in rooting interests.  Here are today's games:

12:15, CBS: (7) WASHINGTON v. (2) North Carolina -- I had UNC making the Final Four.  I also had Pitt making the title game.  Live and learn.

2:45, CBS: (8) Michigan v. (1) DUKE -- I use the word "root" in the mildest way I can ever put it.

5:15, CBS: (8) George Mason v. (1) OHIO STATE -- Thanks to Pitt's loss I think the Big East is going to take a lot of the conference shame this year, but let's not make it close.

6:10, TNT: (5) ARIZONA v. (4) Texas -- I have no legitimate reason for liking Arizona in this game.  I think it'll ruin more brackets if Texas loses, so I'm going with the Wildcats.

...and I just realized that I ran out of tangible rooting interests.  So here are the last four games, with who I'll be pulling for for no particular reason (other than Big Ten supremacy) in bold:

7:10, TBS: (11) VCU v. (3) PURDUE 

7:45, truTV: (11) MARQUETTE v. (3) Syracuse

8:40, TNT: (9) ILLINOIS v. (1) Kansas

9:40, TBS: (10) FLORIDA STATE v. (2) Notre Dame

Enjoy the games everyone.