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NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Sunday Open Thread

Five games remain in the NCAA tournament; today we see two of them.  Here are the game times and my rooting interests in bold.  

2:20: (11) VCU v. (1) Kansas -- If you're rooting for the Jayhawks in this one, you are one of three things: a Kansas fan, someone whose bracket depends on Kansas making the Final Four, or the kind of person that rooted for the lions against the Christians in days of yore.

5:05: (4) Kentucky v. (2) NORTH CAROLINA  -- If you have to root for one team here, go for the Tar Heels based on this logic -- a longer tournament run gives UNC's players more reason to leave school early, and that will most likely make for an easier game on the aircraft carrier for MSU on 11.11.11.

Enjoy the games everyone.