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Garrick Sherman to transfer

The State News tweets:

In a release, MSU announces Garrick Sherman will transfer from MSU.

Sherman's obligatory comment:

Sherman in release: "I met with Coach Izzo and after talking things over with my family, I believe it's time for a fresh start..."

Izzo's obligatory comment:

Izzo in release: After... talking with his family, Garrick Sherman has informed me that it's important to get a fresh start elsewhere.

This will free up a scholarship to make 2012 target Gary Harris more of a target. I don't think anyone is surprised that a player is transferring after the season MSU just went through. Chris Vannini of the State News wasn't surprised Sherman decided to leave:

Can't say I'm surprised Sherman is leaving. Frustrations were obvious this season. My question is how does this affect his best friend Nix?

I'm not sure how it affects Nix. Both he and Sherman pretty clearly fell below expectations the last two years. If Nix stays, he'll certainly be in line for more playing time now, you'd think. And if he goes too? MSU will come back with a much different looking frontcourt next season, which might not be a bad thing.