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How to Use Garrick Sherman's Scholarship

If one could describe something as surprising but not unexpected, it would be Garrick Sherman's transfer out of Michigan State today. On one hand Sherman's touch around the basket and post moves could have been an asset on next year's squad. On the other hand were his hands -- he often dropped passes under the basket or let rebounds slip through his hands, and had trouble gaining the weight needed to play in the Big Ten. Despite his shortcomings he will be missed next year, and we at The Only Colors wish him the best of luck at his next destination.

With Sherman departing two scholarships are open in 2011-2012, and one scholarship is open for 2012-2013. This assumes no more players transfer and that there are no decommits from the 2012 recruiting class (before you panic, none of the 2012 class has given the slightest hint of decommitting). Three options exist for Sherman's scholarship spot, but keep in mind that an NCAA rule allows seniors who have graduated to play a 5th year at a different school if that school offers a graduate program not offered by their previous program. I haven't heard any rumblings of such a transfer, but keep in mind this transfer could take Korie Lucious's scholarship spot and leave another spot open.

  • Pick up a junior college transfer for 2011-12 and 2012-13. This player would most likely be a point guard, as there'd be no need for another big with the glut up front for next season; Izzo's not going to take a junior college player that can't make an immediate impact. The only real need for a JC transfer would be a ball handler, as Travis Trice is the only pure point guard for next year. Since Michigan State hasn't taken a JuCo in more than almost a decade, I'd put the chances of this happening of no more than 5%.
  • Add another recruit to the 2012 class. For those wondering why Izzo was still recruiting Gary Harris, you have your answer. While adding another wing could create a bit of a logjam at that spot, Harris's athleticism and performances on the AAU circuit are worth taking the risk of someone transferring one to two years down the road. The one downside to this -- adding a player in 2012 will mean only one scholarship is open for the 2013 class. If Izzo can't get a recruit of Harris's caliber, he may choose the third option...
  • Stand pat. I think it's a near-certainty that one of the two spots presently open in the 2013 class will be for a point guard, be it Monte Morris, Derrick Walton, Cha Cha Tucker, or someone currently not on the radar. If Izzo decides that there's no one in the 2012 class worth spending a 2013 spot on he could just leave everything as is.

It's possible that the coaching staff adds a player to the 2011 class, but that's possible only in the most theoretical sense as I haven't seen a player left that would be worth occupying a scholarship for four years. I'm curious to y'all's opinion on this -- what do you think should happen?