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Michigan State at Michigan Game Thread

Michigan has every incentive to win this game. It would be their first season sweep of Michigan State since '96-'97, and almost certainly give them an NCAA bid. An MSU loss would put them back on the bubble and they'd have to win a Thursday game against Indiana or Iowa to feel a bid is secured. The obvious key to this game is for MSU to defend the three -- Michigan was 10 for 21 from three in their win against MSU, and eFG% was the only definitive advantage the Wolverines had at Breslin.

This is the open thread. Keep the NSFW stuff to a minimum. You're not going to need an illegal game stream since you can find video hyuh if you're not in the broadcast area. One last note - Michigan fans, you're more than welcome to post here, but if you're coming for trolling purposes you'll pick up a warning pretty quick today. I'm going to try and be patient, but if everyone could be civil that'd be fantastic.