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Site News of the "We Need to Talk" Variety

To avoid any excess of melodrama, I'll get right to it: Effective with the end of the NCAA Tournament, I will be stepping away from blogging on an indefinite basis and, therefore, stepping down as a site manager and contributor to The Only Colors.

This is primarily a function of time. Growing responsibilities and pursuits in other areas of my life just aren't leaving as much time for blogging. There's also an element of burnout here. This is the fourth basketball season through which I've blogged, and the creative spark has waned. (I couldn't dream up a single new statistic this season.)

Starting Spartans Weblog and then helping to build TOC has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but this has always fallen under the category of "hobby." And, at times during the last several months, it's felt more like work. (The way this season has gone obviously hasn't helped, but I had tentatively made this decision late last year, before things really went south.) I don't rule out writing about MSU basketball again at some point in the future, but for now I really need to disengage entirely and focus on other things.

Thankfully, TOC will remain in good hands--and plenty of them. Pete will be taking over as the official SBN site manager, and the other guys intend to continue making their contributions.

I don't want to dwell on this--there's still at least two weeks of MSU basketball remaining--but I did want to give the TOC community a heads up on the pending change. I'll have a few more words to say when I sign off from the site early next month. I very well may turn on the melodrama then.