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Linking Laconically Is Out of Pithy Titles This Week

The State News :: Football players switch positions Two notable switches -- former defensive lineman Todd Anderson is now the first string fullback, and linebacker turned fullback TyQuan Hammock is back to middle linebacker after shedding 25-30 pounds off his listed weight for the Capital One Bowl.  Bravo!

MSU football: Roushar expects similar offense | Lansing State Journal |  From the interview:

I like to throw the ball down the field. I've always like the vertical passing game, and yet that was part of who we were. Does it become more? I think those questions get answered as we go through spring and fall camp."

Dan Roushar is sending a clear message to Kirk Cousins via Rex Grossman: A FIVE YARD OUT AIN'T GONNA WIN THIS GAME! YOU GOTTA UNLEASH THE DRAGON.

A Modest Proposal For A Fair Big Ten Basketball Schedule - MGoBlog  A nice attempt from Brian to try and fix what will probably be an imbalanced basketball schedule in 2011-2012, but still flawed - teams are going to hope they don't play Ohio State in group 1 and hope for Penn State in group 3.  His proposal is better than a random schedule, and rest assured that Wisconsin will find a way to play Ohio State, MSU, Michigan and Illinois once next year.

 Suzy Merchant, Michigan State women looking for increased post presence next season |  Having Madison Williams fully healed from a torn ACL will help greatly with depth in the post come November.

MSU AD Announces Comprehensive Review of Booster Clubs - MICHIGAN STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE  First step -- no 50/50 raffle at football games next year.  Hopefully the non-revenue sports don't get a raw deal; I've bought 50/50 tickets before from field hockey players and I'd hate to think that's money they won't be getting because a few money counters and board members were grossly irresponsible.

Nebraska will play Illinois and Purdue as crossovers in 2013/2014. - Corn Nation  Nebraska blog Corn Nation, through the use of logic kung fu, says that Illinois will be one of the two football crossovers from the Big Ten South (Leaders) in 2013/2014. - Worthy taking motivation to a higher level  Half quotes from Worthy, half an update on the defensive line, and worth a read if you're wondering about the DL's current state of mind.

The State News :: MSU opens up home season, stadium against Wisconsin Saturday  Lastly, Secchia Stadium hosts its first ever games this weekend when the Spartans (18-13, 0-2 B1G) host Wisconsin (15-11, 0-2 B1G).