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Contest Winners, Ahoy!

Hey everyone,

The bracket contests have long finished, and I just wanted to let y'all know that we have winners.  I have gotten in contact with many of you, but if you could send me another e-mail it would greatly assist me in sending your prizes. Here they are:


1st Place - hascow - A 1949 MSC Football program

2nd Place - bas409 - $50 to Underground Printing

3rd Place - Halluck - An MSU miniature basketball hoop from


1st Place - my2fish - $50 to Underground Printing

2nd Place - vert_et_blanc - A 1949 MSC Football program

3rd Place - djbsquared - An MSU miniature basketball hoop from

And lastly, congratulations to G&W - The Only Way, who by virtue of tying for 5th in the traditional contest and taking 6th place in the Pick 16 has won a set of MSU trading cards.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and hope to see y'all at the next contest!