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Linking Laconically Is Bringing Back the Phrase "Boo Ya"

Michigan State football player sentenced in Aspen bar fight |  Brian Linthicum has to do a year of probation, can't drink "excessive amounts of alcohol" (whatever that means), and has 40 hours of community service along with anger management and alcohol education classes.  Max Bullough's sentencing is next week, and I'm guessing he'll get less than Linthicum as Bullough wasn't charged with third-degree assault, merely being a minor in possession and fleeing the police. 

Sherman Visiting Notre Dame?  His high school coach seems to think Sherman is a Notre Dame near-lock, but the post player is apparently considering Butler and Texas as well.

The State News :: Baker leads backfield trio  Read the Baker stuff too, but definitely stay for what might be the best Kirk Cousins quotes ever:

The senior quarterback — who is trying to bring the ’90s phrase "Boo Ya!" back to the football field — generally was agreed upon as the offense’s biggest smack talker.

Cousins disagreed.
"Boy, I don’t know about that," Cousins said. "I don’t know who it was who told you that, but if it was the defensive backs I think they need to take a look in the mirror."

Fact -- it is impossible to like Kirk Cousins any more than you currently are.

NFL Draft analyst: Don't expect any Spartans to go before fourth round | | The Detroit News  Todd McShay projects Greg Jones as a fourth-round pick, and parrots the same strengths and criticism: great instincts, but doesn't have NFL-level athletic ability.

Garrett Celek looks to stay on top of Michigan State's depth chart at tight end | Celek was on top of the depth chart at the beginning of Spring practice, but it'll be a battle to stay there now that Linthicum and Sims are working their way out of their respective doghouses.

MBB: Big Ten Announces Home and Away Designations for Big Ten/ACC Challenge  Michigan State will play their Challenge game at home, and I'd expect it to be in the Breslin Center.  Assuming it is (and I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be) it'll be the first Big Ten/ACC challenge game in East Lansing since 2007, when the 10th ranked Spartans beat 24th ranked N.C. State 81-58.

Notes from Michigan State - Big Ten Blog - ESPN  Adam Rittenberg came to East Lansing yesterday, and one of the most interesting quotes came from -- who else --

Michigan State had several successful plays that it didn't run very often. "We're working on trying to get those plays involved more in our offense," Cousins said. "If we're so successful at them, why are we not doing them two or three times a game rather than once every two games?"