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NCAA Final Four Open Thread

There are three games left in the college basketball season (who knows if one of those CBI knockoffs is still going -- if only there were some way to figure that out.  Oh well.), and two of them are tonight. Here they are, with my rooting interests in bold.

GAME THE FIRST: (8) Butler vs. (11) VCU -- If only there were a way both teams could win this game.  I'm throwing my support behind VCU for three reasons: I love how the Rams rock the gold and black, Shaka Smart is one heckuva name, and watching Butler in a Final Four game is going to give me sad flashbacks to last year.

GAME THE SECOND: (4) Kentucky vs. (3) Connecticut -- If only there were a way both teams could lose this game.  I can't see myself rooting for either team in this game; I do not give a rat's patoot who wins.  I've got nothing positive to say here, so I might as well keep my mouth shut.

Enjoy the games everyone.