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Linking Laconically Is Celebrating Another Big Ten Championship

The State News :: Women's golf wins Big Ten championship  Congratulations to the Spartan Women's Golf Team, who won the Big Ten title by five strokes over three-time defending champions Purdue yesterday.

Baseball | Lowe's Senior CLASS Award Brandon Eckerle is a .430 hitter, a 3.98 student, and needs your help to win the Lowe's Senior Class award. VOTE.

Spartans Drop Series Finale at Illinois, 11-8 - MICHIGAN STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE The Spartans dropped the series 2-1 to Illinois this weekend, but are still tied for first place in the Big Ten along with Purdue and Penn State.

Softball Is Unable To Rally Against Indiana, Falls 4-2 - MICHIGAN STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE With the loss Michigan State drops to 3-9 in the Big Ten, but is still above .500 (21-20) this season.

Michigan State offense pulls out tricks to win scrimmage | Detroit Free Press |  Andrew Maxwell had a very good scrimmage (21-27, 253 yards, 2 TDS), and while the rational of side me will remind you that Maxwell's performance was against the second string defense, the irrational side of me that wants page views IS DEMANDING THAT MAXWELL SHOULD OVERTAKE COUSINS AS THE STARTER BECAUSE NUMBERS AND WINNING AND SUCH.

Four-Year F/+ Averages - Football Study Hall  Michigan State ranks fifth in the Big Ten overall during the past four seasons, which is quite nice to see considering how poor the four seasons previous to those were.

/flashes back to bubble screen to Matt Trannon

// flashes back to red zone offense stalling out

///flashes back to Braylon Edwards dominating Jaren Hayes

////sheds tear

Yes, There Is Already Bracketology For The 2012 NCAA Tournament - Motown Lowdown - SB Nation Detroit  Michigan State is a nine seed in the pre-pre-pre-pre-premature Bracketology, and if that holds up, yay improvement!

Coaching Résumé for Tom Izzo Kenpom has a neat new feature where you can see stats for all the teams under a certain coach dating back to 2003.  Definitely worth checking out if only to confirm that, yes, last season's squad was the worst offensively in recent memory. - King James Classic: Parker and Pollard impress  Lastly, a few words on 2012 recruit Kenny Kaminski:

This won't be the last time this is said, but Michigan State is getting a high level shooter in Kaminsky who will be able to stretch the defense from the high post as well as come off screens firing.

The article also goes in depth on 2013 target Jabari Parker.