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Spring Game Open/Discussion Thread, and the First Three Recruits for 2012

By now many of you have seen the Spring Game live or streaming on, but before I get to the first bullet-points, a couple notes: 

  • Congratulations to Greg Jones and Chris L. Rucker, they went in the sixth round with the 20th pick to the Giants and 23rd pick to the Colts respectively.
  • Further congratulations to safety Riley Bullough and offensive linemen Benny McGowan and Zach Higgins as the first three commitments to the 2012 recruiting class.  More on them this week, but you may cease your hand-wringing over the 2012 class now.

For those of you unable to watch the Spring game yet it'll be on the Big Ten Network at 8 PM.  I'll have a breakdown of it tomorrow, but without spoiling anything, a few notes:

  • First and foremost, no one gets seriously hurt, so you may cheer without that specter looming.
  • For a spring game, I thought the play was very physical.  It's nice to see some hard hitting, but nicer that no one got injured grievously.
  • Arthur Ray makes an appearance in the third quarter.  It is inspiring.
  • Draymond Green also makes an appearance in the third quarter.  It is hilarious.
  • The BTN was inside the huddle on a couple plays, with a reporter (Lisa Byington maybe?  My seats weren't that good) talking to Dantonio in the meantime.

More tomorrow, but for now use this space as a discussion of what you liked and disliked on the field today.