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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

This post has spent about a week in the making once KJ made his leave official.  Don't fret, as he still exists in Twitter form; you can follow him at KJonthebanks.  If you could do us a favor and follow this blog's Twitter feed as well that'd be fantastic, and thank you in advance.

Two years ago I was sitting in my apartment in 731 Burcham when I got an e-mail from KJ, asking me to come on board as a contributor.  I had a blog called Ground Zero East Lansing that I wrote since the previous summer, and KJ knew about that, and the rest is history.  Since then I've had the pleasure to help build this blog from the ground up, but not without help from all of you.  I've read every comment, FanShot and FanPost on this site, and while I might not agree with you, I certainly thank you for coming and caring enough to comment.

While KJ is gone, rest assured that this blog isn't changing its direction.  While one or two new things will creep their way in, I originally signed on because I believe all the authors shared a point of view -- that this should be a place where Spartan fans can come and share their thoughts without fear of being unduly attacked.  This won't change.

Another thing we discussed while KJ was leaving was maintaining this blog's quality.  Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure the writing quality of this show.  The day we think a slideshow of the top 50 hottest MSU fans is a worthy idea is the day we'll end this blog, you have our word.  If you have a great idea, don't be afraid to use the right side of the page to post it.  Like I said, I read everything here and if it's quality, you'll see it on the front page.

This is starting to drag on, so in conclusion: My name's Pete.  I write for a Michigan State blog called The Only Colors.  I think it's pretty cool, and I'd like for you to share it with me.