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The 2011 Favorite Spartan Bracket -- The Mason Region

Here comes the second of the four regions for the 2011 Favorite Spartan Bracket!  Before its debut, a couple notes:

  • You're not voting in these threads for who you want to advance (although you're more than free to pontificate away).  Each matchup will have a separate thread with a poll, including information on each athlete.
  • Remember, you're voting for your favorite Spartan, not the most accomplished one.

That said, without further ado:


Thoughts on this side:

  • If this were a Spartan blog independent of NHL biases, Duncan Keith might have had a shot.  Instead, I've got a feeling he goes down, and not just because he's up against one of the best-ever running backs in Spartan history.
  • It's another back-up against All-American, as Isaiah Dahlman takes on one of the greats from the 60s, George Webster.
  • The next matchup is about moments:  Anthony "Pig" Miller delivering a double-fingered salute at Crisler arena vs. Justin Abdelkader delivering quite possibly the moment of the last decade with his NCAA winning goal.  This could come down to your feelings about SpaceJam -- Miller was in it, while I can only assume Abdelkader watched it.
  • I didn't completely keep track, but I have a feeling Alyssa DeHaan got the most nominations if we're including replies and what not.  Her opponent is an MLB hall-of-famer, pitcher Robin Roberts.

After the jump, the second half of the Mason Region.


More thoughts!

  • I think Shawn Respert only had one nomination, but I have a rule -- if I can remember you beat cancer, you're pretty much getting into this thing.  He'll face one of the key members of the Flintstones, Antonio Smith.
  • Fresh off a training stint with the U-23 National Team, soccer star Laura Heyboer will face Shannon Brown, one of the most dynamic dunkers to wear Green and White.  Geez, I miss the days where him and Maurice Ager were good for 2-3 dunks per game.
  • This is a loaded bracket in some parts, and here's one of the doozies.  T.J. Duckett and Morris Peterson?  I don't envy y'all one bit trying to decide that one.
  • To round off the bracket, we've got Avery Steinlage (goalie who set the NCAA record for consecutive shutout minutes) going against Plaxico Burress.  I know Plaxico pulled one of the all-time boneheaded moves and might not deserve inclusion.  Multiple posters nominated him however, and if you feel like he should be out, let your vote be heard.

That's half the bracket so far, and the other half will be out soon.  What do y'all think?