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Talking MSU basketball recruiting with Big Ten Powerhouse

If you haven't seen it yet, fellow SB Nation blog Big Ten Powerhouse, which covers Big Ten basketball, has been focusing on Michigan State this week. There are several great posts, including an interview with Pete about the state of MSU basketball, as well as analysis from BTP's stable of contributors and links to great MSU coverage all over the internets.

Josh Moon (aka intrpdtrvlr) and I were also interviewed by David Funk for a story about MSU's upcoming recruiting classes. Here are a couple snippets:

"Last season, in particular, Michigan State was often a step too slow or too small and that hampered their ability to play with the aggressiveness that has been a Michigan State trademark under (coach Tom) Izzo," Patrick Hayes of The Only Colors said. "If (the recruits) develop, Michigan State will have a lot of depth and many ways to attack opponents over the next two seasons."


"It’s a great fit for Dawson at MSU," Moon said. "He’s going to a school that will help develop him into an athletic NBA wing in the model of Jason Richardson and Shannon Brown, yet his rebounding skills and post-friendly game will be utilized 100 percent. The wing roster is very young at Michigan State this year and there should be lots of playing time up for grabs among the freshman."

Thanks to David and the crew from BTP for including us and check out all of their posts from this week if you have some time. It's a nice chance to talk some hoops even if the season seems like it's far away right now.