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Your Favorite Spartan Athlete Bracket: Now Accepting Nominations!

Friends, while Summer is awesome for many different reasons, one way in which it does not rule is that there's almost nothing on the college sports horizon to occupy our time.  Recruiting's nice to follow, but doesn't come anywhere close to interesting me the way actual games do.  The baseball team is in first place in the Big Ten right now (up two with six games to go), but that season will be done around the end of May.  From there out it's a college sports wasteland until football camp starts in August.

So here's what I'm proposing -- Throughout this week I'll be asking for your favorite Spartans of all time.  Notice the word "favorite" -- I'm not asking for the best performing Spartans, I'm asking for the ones that, for whatever reason, you just took a liking to.  You can nominate as many Spartans as you like, and here are a few ground rules:

  • These Spartans must have been athletes, coaches or significant adminstrators.  I am willing to do a Favorite Spartan ever bracket at some point in time; that could be fantastic.
  • We reserve the right to veto any nominations (read: if you nominate Glenn Winston or Mike Conboy, I'm vetoing that so hard.)
  • If we don't receive 64 athletes, the staff at The Only Colors will find candidates to fill the field of 64.
  • If we receive more than 64 athletes, some will have to be cut.  Sorry folks.
  • Once the 64 Spartans have been chosen, the bracket will begin.

I'm thinking at this point seeding will be random.  With that said, let me know who your favorite Spartan is, and I'll start you off with one of mine -- DeMarcus Ducre.  Let me hear it!