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James Young Catches Fire on Twitter

James Young continues to demonstrate that he's a major player in 2013.  He attended the NIKE Elite 100 camp this weekend in St. Louis.  The event attempts to stay focused on developing the players' skills and the media is only allowed in on the last day, which was Sunday.  On top of that, they're also discouraged from releasing any reports until after the camp as concluded.  Once analysis started appearing on twitter, James Young was a huge winner.  No less than three respected scouts, Evan Daniels of Scout, Eric Bossi of Rivals, and John Stovall of ESPN, mentioned him with praise in their tweets.


Another guy that impressed this weekend with Michigan wing prospect James Young. The 2013 standout can really score it.


Michigan '13 wing James Young has great first step. Got into lane to score at will. Competitive too.


Top 5 small forwards: James Young, Nick King, Tyler Roberson, Greg McClinton, Marc Loving

One thing to consider is that coaches are not allowed at these events and won't be scouting players until the evaluation period in July.  Until then, some coaches (probably assistants!) are literally hanging around computers refreshing twitter to see who is getting accolades from trusted scouts as part of planning their own future recruiting schedule (ask Dane Fife).  Believe it or not, twitter can matter!  A day like yesterday might earn James Young some more looks this summer.

I don't think MSU can afford to take two more true wings with the remaining 2012/2013 scholarships.  With that in mind, Young and Gary Harris appear to be an either/or prospect.  Though the fanbase has been buzzing about Gary Harris for a year, focusing on one such player can sometimes lift his lore to an elevated place of importance (see: Zeigler, Trey).  For MSU, the options are plentiful to add one more quality wing player.  If the early scouting is correct and Spartan fan James Young is a Top 35 player and rising, the possibility of missing out on Harris is less worrisome.  At worst, it's win-win.