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Linking Laconically is Welcoming Aboard James Kittredge

Another Linking Laconically, another entry in the Favorite Spartan Athlete Bracket. This match features U-23 national team member Laura Heyboer vs. Downtown Shannon Brown. The links go to videos for each Spartan, and as always, vote or die y'all. ONTO THE LINKS:

Lineman James Kittredge, on transfer to MSU: 'Everything ... came to East Lansing' | Detroit Free Press | Kittredge was ranked the #13 recruit in New Jersey in 2010 and committed to Vanderbilt. While he played on the offensive line for the Commodores last season, he'll play on the defensive line for MSU after he redshirts for the 2011 season.

I'd be remiss if I didn't say that Kittredge's transfer might (and I do emphasize might) be related to his suspension from Spring football this year. His suspension was due to an unspecified violation of team rules, and Kittredge had this to say:

"People talk about whatever they think or heard or whatever, but it is more of a personal choice at this time in my life," Kittredge reportedly said. "I don't really have any comments about that."

My take? He knows he screwed up, he most likely didn't break the law, and Dantonio (no matter how many easy jokes could be made here admittedly) knows what he's getting into. Kittredge does not have a scholarship guaranteed yet, and after a year he'll add what will be much needed depth to the DL. Welcome aboard James.

Analyzing the Spartans' 2012 recruits The gist of it -- MSU's class won't be as good as Michigan's, but Mark Dantonio has proven he can turn three-star recruits into All-Americans, so it's cool.

Film Room Session: Michigan State v. Northwestern (2010) | Buffalo Bills Draft A look at several promising MSU prospects. A note -- even though they have Kirk Cousins as their #2 QB prospect, it looks like they haven't factored in several prominent juniors such as Andrew Luck.

Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and more top coaches size up their teams - Seth Davis - A brief update -- Adreian Payne is stronger YAY, Delvon Roe is still injured BOO. If you can think of a Spartan with worse luck than Roe, please post him or her in the comments.

Elite 11: The top 11 quarterbacks from Tuesday's event MSU commitment Tyler O'Connor is in the top eleven, and could make the Elite 11 Finals. In short -- 24 quarterbacks were invited, and only 11 make the finals. Yeah, I don't get it either. O'Connor's also had a chance to work with Cousins, and this piece of information will pump you up for this season:

Like Cousins, O’Connor has a nice arm, is comfortable in the pocket, and has been pretty accurate on both Monday and Tuesday. Cousins and his strong arm has intimidated a couple of the local high school receivers brought in to catch balls at the camp.

New Spartan Stadium Scoreboard Is Only In 'Planning Stages' - Motown Lowdown - SB Nation Detroit Even still, it can't get here soon enough, especially if your seats are in the south end zone.

Michigan-Michigan State golf match has pair of local connections | Mark Hollis and Dave Brandon face off at Eagle Eye on Monday, each with his own cadre. The top two scores per hole will count, and as always, GO GREEN.

Jimmer Fredette Golf: BYU Star Finishes Below Charles Barkley at American Century Classic Championship Although this isn't MSU related, anytime someone finishes behind Charles Barkley at a golf event it's worth mentioning. Please note that the negative scores at the link are truly negative scores, it must be some sort of Stableford scoring system.