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Michigan State to Wear Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Against Michigan

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Michigan State announced today that it's been one of nine schools chosen to wear Nike's Pro Combat uniforms this season.  While photos of MSU's uniforms won't be out until next month, you can go to last year's Pro Combat website and take a gander at those. 

My first thought?  NICE.  Even though most of us have no idea what the uniforms will look like yet, the color scheme from the uniforms at Nike's website don't look too fancy (and those gloves look fantastic).  At the risk of giving the most basic of analyses, it should ramp up the atmosphere on October 15th even higher.  I'd guess that the UM game will be a 3:30 start, and not on the Big Ten network like it was two years ago.  I don't think we have to worry about MSU overlooking the game before; it's Ohio State, and then a bye week before the Wolverine tilt.  If anything, I'd worry about Michigan State being too jacked up.

Anyway, how do you feel?