Derrick Walton to UM

Per Derrick Walton's own twitter ....


Derrick Walton MICHIGAN BOUND!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to UM on getting what was one of the top 3 PG's in Michigan for the class of 2013.
I think the writing was on the wall with Walton, and it probably was obvious when he took a visit to MSU and there was a disconnect about whether or not Izzo offered him. Something about that visit went sideways, and whether Izzo offered then, offered later, or didn't offer at all, we may not know unless Walton says something about it.
Either way it's a big time get for Beilein.
This probably has to be one of Beilein's most athletic teams ever right? With Walton, GRIII, Irvin, etc. the future for UM over the next  3 years looks to be pretty good. I'm looking forward to some fun games over the next few years.

They're now full for 2013, someone please post if that's wrong.

For MSU it's not the end of the world. It's my personal belief, based on speculation, that MSU really wants Monte Morris. If Morris goes to Syracuse then convert someone like Dwaun Anderson / Denzel Valentine into a stop gap PG for a year until 2014.
I do love all the UM fans saying that they're now the king of the state. A decade of MSU curbstomping has been eradicated by 2 regular season wins and one good recruiting class. Can we play the underdog card the next time we play???

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