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Linking Laconically Says It's Merely a Flesh Wound

First, we've got a couple of interesting FanShots up for your perusal. First, PittsfieldIndex has a post wondering how Texas A&M's reported (but still a long shot in my opinion) move to the SEC will effect other teams. Second, tbone521 has a post up about favorite tailgate recipes. I'll contribute this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip, with a couple notes:

- Do NOT used canned chicken. Either panfry or broil a couple of chicken breasts, then shred those.

- The hot sauce must be Frank's Red Hot for it to be a true Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Other than those points, cook, eat, and enjoy!

Second, another battle in the Favorite Spartan Athlete Bracket: Bryan Lerg against Draymond Green. Vote, mainly because it's so easy to.

Third, links!

Michigan State linebacker Lawrence Thomas, Johnny Adams hit by injuries in practice | Thomas has a shoulder contusion, so he'll be out about a week, maybe more. Even if he's only out for a week, it's one of the most pivotal weeks in his development this year, so that'll hurt. Adams's ankle injury will only keep him out a couple days, and shouldn't be worried about in the slightest. He knows the defense well enough, and it'll give the younger corners a chance to get some reps with the first string defense.

Linebackers and receivers - LSJ Blogs: Hey, Joe Rexrode empties his notebook with all sorts of quotes and analysis from linebackers coach Mike Tressel and wide receivers coach Terrence Samuel.

USA Basketball: Hot Shooting Helps USA Sink New Century 88-61 In Exhibition Draymond Green got the start, and he scored eight points thanks to 2-3 three point shooting. No assists or steals and only three rebounds, which might be attributed to either the scorekeepers or that almost every USA players received 17 minutes on the dot.

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio: Surplus of talented tight ends is 'luxury' | Detroit Free Press | Celek, Linthicum or Sims, it's pretty hard to go wrong with those three.

1999 Big Ten Legends & Leaders - Big Ten Network - The Big Ten Network is doing something cool where they're simulating each season since 1996 if Nebraska had been in the conference. WARNING: The simulations in the 2000s are only going to get worse for MSU until the Dantonio era.

Hoops schedule ... soon (updated) Lastly, for those anticipating the release of the Big Ten basketball schedule, it looks like it could be out early next week.