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Week Three BlogPoll

  Here's the BlogPoll:

A few thoughts:

  • Virginia Tech gets a downgrade for having trouble with East Carolina, Oklahoma State gets a big upgrade for handling Arizona.
  • Oregon didn't play, so there's some procedural moves going on there.  I'm bearish on Florida State in general.  Nebraska gets knocked down a few spots for having trouble with Fresno State.
  • MSU moves up two, half because of procedural bumps, half because holding any opponent to under 50 yards of offense is impressive.
  • Central Florida is in above Northwestern because their win over BC was more impressive. Texas just stays in the poll after a one-point win over BYU.  Penn State's probably the next team in at this point.

Thoughts?  I won't get to any comments until after 4 PM today, but I will get to them.