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Michigan State v. Youngstown State Game Thread

ALL OF THE LIGHTS Y'ALL. It feels, so, so good to start a GameThread again. I will most likely be watching this game in a casino in the Bahamas (before you ask, the line is MSU -34 as of Tuesday night, and no, I WILL NOT BET MONEY FOR YOU (unless I get 10%)).

The game's on Big Ten Network, and if you need it on radio the Spartan Sports Network has a list of affiliates you can catch it on in Michigan.

Since this is the first game thread since late March, a refresher of the rules:

- We understand that games can cause you to swear. Feel free, but do your best to keep it clean.

- Racial, homosexual, and other slurs are absolutely unacceptable. You will find yourself banned if you use one.

- Please be nice to one another. If there's a troll (highly unlikely in this game, but please note for future reference) please flag the post, we'll be on it shortly.

Other than that, enjoy the game. And...